• Injury reports on people deprived of their liberty

    06/17/2014. The medical examination of persons deprived of their liberty who have injuries is a crucial preventive tool. Given the importance of this matter, the Ombudsman decided that a study should be made to to analyse the state of injury reports in the Spanish health and legal systems... (+)

  • Annual Report to Parliament. Year 2012

    06/17/2013. The Ombudsman put forth 548 recommendations and suggestions to the Administration in 2012. A total of 280,592 letters were received: 33,478 complaints, 371 ex officio investigations and 246,743 requests for the filing of appeals against 29 legal standards... (+)

  • NMP Annual Report 2012

    07/01/2012. The report gives account of the 52 inspection visits made in 2012 to places of depriva­tion of liberty in 13 of Spain’s regional autonomous communities. As a result of these visits the NMP has made 118 recommendations, 79 suggestions and 8 reminders of legal duties... (+)

  • Human Trafficking in Spain: Invisible Victims

    04/03/2012. This report includes recommendations for the Interior Ministry and the Employment and Social Security Ministry, the Secretary of State’s Department of Social Services and Equality... (+)

  • Annual Report to Parliament. Year 2011

    03/28/2012. Record number of investigations opened without consultation and of resolutions delivered by the Spanish Defensor del Pueblo... (+)

  • Monographic report on “Economic crisis and mortgage debtors: actions and recommendations by the Defensor del Pueblo”

    01/21/2012. The report contains 20 recommendations, and suggests to recognise different treatments for the acquisitions. The report asks for a specific procedure for cases of personal or family insolvency and demands that the Banco de España changes its orientation and implicates itself in the consumer and user protection... (+)