When can we help you?

When can we help you?

Complaints may be submitted individually or collectively, when any individual or group of people feels that the actions of any central, regional or local administration or public company or service have violated their rights.

You may also ask the Defensor del Pueblo to file a claim of unconstitutionality or an appeal for the legal protection of Constitutional Rights before the Constitutional Court.

When the Defensor del Pueblo is unable to investigate a complaint because it is not within their jurisdiction, the complainant will be sent a letter explaining the reasons why we cannot investigate and, whenever possible, advising the complainant as to the legal channels to which they have recourse. No one goes unanswered or unaided.

The Defensor del Pueblo monitors any and all violations of rights and may take ex officio action by opening investigations or inquiries without waiting for a complaint.

Filing a complaint shall in no case suspend the time periods stipulated by law for filing an appeal through administrative or jurisdictional channels or the enforcement of the ruling or act of law involved.