Structure of the Spanish Defensor del Pueblo

The Institution of the Defensor del Pueblo as High Commissioner of the Parliament responsible for defending citizens’ fundamental rights and civil liberties is headed by the Defensor, chosen by Congress and the Senate. The Defensor is assisted by the First and Second Deputy, appointed by the Defensor with the agreement of Parliament. The Defensor is free to appoint the Secretary General.

The institution has its own staff, freely selected by the Defensor in accordance with the principles of merit and capacity, seeking to give priority to public officials (Article 31.3 of the Rules of Organization and Operation of the Defensor, approved by the Congress and Senate Committees).

The staff in the service of the Defensor del Pueblo for 2018 consists of 172 people.

Staff from other public bodies also provide services at the institution: the safety and custody of the sites is entrusted to the National Police, official vehicles have drivers from the State Vehicle Fleet, and there is a Spanish Post Office and Telegraph Service office open to the public.

Complete organizational chart