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Other publications

    • Asylum in Spain : International Protection. The Ombudsman Institution has considered it advisable at this time to review the conditions and circumstances set forth under the law governing the right to asylum and subsidiary protection of October 2009 for granting protection and assuring the integration of those who are forced to leave the usual places of residence. That is the end purpose of this study.
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    • The Ombudsman of Spain. Meeting with the SPT (United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture) European regional team. The Defensor del Pueblo has appeared in Geneva today, February 15th, before new representatives of the European Group of the United Nations Subcommittee for the Prevention of Torture in order to provide information concerning the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture in Spain (NPM).
      The Defensor del Pueblo has explained to the Subcommittee the organization and capabilities of the Spanish NPM, as well as the methodology employed in her visits and the activities carried out over the past year, in which the Defensor completed 62 visits and made 58 recommendations and 224 suggestions to the administration.
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    • Injury Reports on People deprived of their Liberty The legal regime at the national level does not define what an injury report is or what its minimum content must be in order to enable it to satisfactorily fulfil its desired function, which is to facilitate the assigning of criminal liability should this be necessary. It seems necessary to reinforce the obligation to fulfil this duty by establishing a more complete regulation in the LECrim or in the future Code of Criminal Procedure.
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    • Special Monographic report on “Economic crisis and mortgage debtors: actions and propositions by the Defensor del Pueblo The report contains 20 recommendations, and suggests to recognise different treatments for the acquisitions. The report asks for a specific procedure for cases of personal or family insolvency and demands that the Banco de España changes its orientation and implicates itself in the consumer and user protection.
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    • Special report “Children or adults? Age assessment practices” Read the general conclusions and recommendations of this recent Ombudsman’s report, that warns that age assessment practices do not comply all necessary guarantees.
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    • The book of the Defensor del Pueblo This new work, El libro del Defensor del Pueblo, has a singular structure and character. Conceived as a book for the general public, it also shares the rigour of a specialised work, due to its subject matter. The idea was to combine an enjoyable and instructive test, as in those encyclopaedias of our childhood that aimed to teach by entertaining, which I hope has been the case. The main part of the book comprises two principal sections: one, a review of the origin and development of the Defensor del Pueblo institution around the world, and the other, much more detailed, focusing on the Defensor del Pueblo of Spain .
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