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The Ombudsman of Spain calls on the autonomous communities for improving health care in retirement homes, information for family members and protection of their rights


The acting Ombudsman of Spain, Francisco Fernández Marugán, has sent recommendations to all Autonomous Communities to  improve health care for residents in retirement homes, the information provided to their families and the protection of their rights. The Institution has received a considerable number of complaints in which the relatives of the residents have highlighted shortcomings […]

The Ombudsman of Spain contemplates the possibility of letting children outdoors in a limited way and with the necessary precautions


The acting Ombudsman of Spain, Francisco Fernández Marugán, is in permanent contact with all the administrations (state, autonomous and local) to transmit the citizens’ complaints and concerns received by the Insitution in regards to the Covid-19 health crisis. The Institution conveyed to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, his concern for the situation of children […]

Enrique Múgica Herzog


Enrique Múgica Herzog, former Spanish Ombudsman, President of the Federation of Ibero-american Ombudsman  FIO and Founder of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsman (AOM) has passed away apparently victim of COVID-19.

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