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The Ombudsman calls for “an exhaustive and detailed” state regulation for the use of Taser guns


The Ombudsman Francisco Fernández Marugán has recommended the Ministry of Internal Affairs to regulate in “an exhaustive and detailed way” the use of electroshock weapons (taser guns). Fernandez Marugán claims for a state regulation that sets some guidelines for all police bodies to have common criteria for their use. The Institution, through the inspection visits […]

The Ombudsman: 40 years, almost a million complaints, 60 reports, and over 5000 resolutions


Last Tuesday 6th of April marked 40 years since the resolution of the Organic Law 3/1981 which regulates and establishes the figure of the Spanish Ombudsman. All over this four decades of history, the Institution has processed 999.358 complaints, has formulated 25376 resolutions to the Administrations, and has also brought 31 appeals of unconstitutionality, as […]

The Ombudsman calls for a step up in the transfer of migrants to peninsular Spain


–  Experts at the institution have overseen operations at over twenty reception, detention and hosting facilities for foreign nationals on the Canary Islands – The main deficiencies identified include a lack of suitable facilities and an absence of swift and efficient identification protocols for referring vulnerable individuals – Having once again detected collective reading of […]

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