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Ángel Gabilondo: “The defense of human rights will be my absolute priority”


The Congress of Deputies today hosted the ombudsman assumption of Ángel Gabilondo The new Ombudsman has assured that “for this great challenge” he will work “with dignity and equanimity, with thoroughness, efficiency and independence”. Thus, he pointed out that “the defense of human rights” will be his “absolute priority”. He has also shown his firm […]

Ombudsman: 40 years, one million complaints, 60 reports and more than 25,000 resolutions


In 2021, the Institution celebrated the 40th anniversary of Organic Law 3/1981, which regulates and develops the figure of the Ombudsman. In these four decades of history, the Ombudsman has processed 999,358 complaints, has formulated 25,376 resolutions to the Administrations and has filed 31 appeals of unconstitutionality and 11 appeals for protection before the Constitutional […]

The Ombudsman addresses the joint committee on the migratory situation in ceuta, complaints about the school year and the state of alarm


The acting Ombudsman of Spain, Francisco Fernández Marugán, appeared this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies before the Mixed Commission on relations with the Ombudsman at the request of several parliamentary groups to talk about the migratory situation in Ceuta, the complaints received related to the start of the school year and the constitutionality of […]

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