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 International day of transgender visibility

International day of transgender visibility

On the occasion of the international day of transgender visibility, from the NPM we highlight the work of visibility and protection of the rights of transgender persons deprived of liberty that we have been doing in the framework of the Prisons and Gender Project. (Link) In this regard, it is worth noting the following Recommendation made and reiterated in several visits upon detecting that the civil servant and treatment staff serving in prisons do not receive specific and continuous training in gender equality and gender violence, gender identity and sexual orientation. «Ensure proper training of civil servant, technical and health personnel in gender identity and sexual orientation, gender violence and the effects of this on physical, psychological and emotional health».

Visit 91/2019

Said Recommendation was made after verifying in visits to prisons incorrect classification of prisoners considered transsexual, complaints received that not all professionals treat transsexual persons in a respectful manner according to their expressed gender preference, complaints about the assistance received by professionals of the psychology and psychiatry technical team, lack of treatment appropriate to their situation, as well as complaints of disrespectful treatment during searches and frisks. The Recommendation, partially accepted by the administration, as it does not include health personnel, has not been implemented for the time being. At the international level, it highlights the «Yogyakarta Principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity». (Link)