National Preventive Mechanism

International Day of Disability

3 December, International Day of Disability

Project «Intellectual disability and deprivation of liberty».

Within the framework of the NPM's activity during the year 2021, special interest has been placed on monitoring the treatment of persons with intellectual disabilities during their detention and custody in police stations.

As a result, a general lack of knowledge of the procedure to be followed in this regard has been detected in several police stations (link).

Likewise, contacts have been maintained with entities working in this field, such as Plena Inclusión, which have confirmed the great relevance of the issue, which is also highlighted at the international level by the APT (Association for the Prevention of Torture).

Relevant information on this issue:

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Procedural manual for the attention of the local police to people with intellectual disabilities

Good Practices in the adjustment of police and judicial procedures for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities

Guide for police intervention with people with intellectual disabilities. Civil Guard

Guide of police intervention with people with intellectual disabilities. Home Office

Police attention to people with intellectual disabilities. Spanish National Police