National Preventive Mechanism

We visit without notice, places of detention to prevent torture and ill-treatment

International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence against Women

In the framework of the project "prisons and gender", the NPM has carried out visits to prisons in which the management and technical teams of the centers have estimated the magnitude of gender violence suffered by women inmates throughout their lives in the following percentages: CP Antoni Asunción Hernández (Valencia): 90% of women; CP Madrid I: 70%; Las Palmas I: 50% and Las Palmas II: 60%.

However, these are estimates, as there is no data collection by the Prison Administration that incorporates this information in a systematic way, nor are there any formal statistics. Gender-based violence is not directly evaluated in any of the protocols reviewed, and is not collected in the treatment programs, despite the impact it has on the physical, psychological and emotional health of the women, which conditions their rehabilitation and reinsertion process.

For more information: Project for visits with a gender and sexual orientation perspective (epigraph 5 of the 2019 Annual Report of the MNP)

November 25th