Ángel Gabilondo highlights the work of the third sector in the fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination

Ángel Gabilondo highlights the work of the third sector in the fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination


This Monday, the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, took part in an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the Third Sector Platform (PTS), which was held at the CaixaForum in Madrid with the slogan ’10 years guaranteeing your rights’.

Ángel Gabilondo gave a speech centred around rights, inclusive democracy and social justice. The Ombudsman highlighted the important work of the platform and the various associations and organisations that make it up in “the articulation of urgent measures to combat poverty, exclusion and discrimination and to strengthen social justice.”

Gabilondo offered the collaboration of the institution he oversees, which, as he emphasised, “is not simply a register of complaints, but rather a key player in the defence of fundamental rights, especially those of vulnerable groups and in situations of neglect.”

For the Ombudsman, the “fight against poverty and inequality is a priority” and he advocated “elements of social cohesion and redistribution.” He also highlighted “the social protection system made up of non-contributory disability and retirement pensions, pension supplements, subsidies for the disabled, family benefits for dependent children, unemployment benefits, minimum integration income and the minimum wage, as well as the aid offered by social services” which, in his opinion, “have resulted in enormous progress.”

However, he also pointed out that “situations are not always easy, and, on many occasions, rights are affected, despite so many efforts by administrations, institutions and civil society.” In this sense, he pointed out that “we need small communities, supposedly insignificant acts that trigger movements capable of having an impact, of taking steps towards real transformation.” For this reason, he thanked the work of the Third Sector Platform because “we need good public services, but we also need you.”

The 10th anniversary event was also attended by people associated with third sector organisations and representatives of the administration, including the Government Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez.

The Third Sector Platform is made up of twenty organisations and represents around 28,000 entities. Its objective is to defend the rights and social interests of citizens, mainly those living in poverty or at risk of exclusion.

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