Enrique Múgica Herzog

Enrique Múgica Herzog


This morning Enrique Múgica Herzog, former Spanish Ombudsman, President of the Federation of Ibero-american Ombudsman  FIO and Founder of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsman (AOM) has passed away apparently victim of COVID-19.

For ten years he was the Spanish Ombudsman, the only one to carry out this function for two consecutive terms. His professional and political life was long and fruitful.

He was born in San Sebastián in 1932. He graduated in law and practiced as a lawyer.

He began his political activity in 1953. Main organizer of the “University Congress of Young Writers”, which would have such influence on the university events of February 1956 that he was arrested and imprisoned for three months.

Subsequently, his political activity against the dictatorship of General Franco would take him back to prison up to a total of four occasions, totaling two and a half years in prison and confinement.

He was a member of Parliament from the Constituent legislature and for more than two decades. In Congress he held the Presidency of the Defense Commission and the Vice-presidency of the Constitutional Commission. In 2000, he left Parliament when he was appointed Ombudsman, a position he held until July 2010.

Previously, he was Minister of Justice in 1988 in the Government of Felipe González, a position he held until March 1991. During that period, the Demarcation and Judicial Plan, the Corporations law, and the procedural and criminal reforms were approved, among other laws. that led to the creation of criminal courts.

He was also Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into Gold Transactions with the Third Reich.

In addition to his political activity, he published the book “Itinerary Towards Freedom” and collaborated frequently in the main Spanish newspapers.

Many of us who work at the institution and many of the members of the Ombudsman community in Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean were lucky enough to maintain a relationship of brotherly friendship with him and today we feel deep pain for his loss.

The Spanish Ombudsman (e.f.) Francisco Fernández Marugán, the Deputy Second Concepció Ferrer i Casals, together with all the staff of the Institution, send their family and friends our deepest condolences.

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