Letter to the Ombudsmen in United Kingdom and France

Letter to the Ombudsmen in United Kingdom and France


The acting Ombudsman of Spain, Francisco Fernández Marugán, has sent letters addressing Rob Behrens, the Parliamentary Ombudsman in the United Kingdom, as well as Claire Hédon, the Human Rights Advocate in France. The purpose has been to show interest in the ongoing issue of the more than 3000 truckers who are attempting to cross the English Channel to reach continental Europe as soon as possible.

The Ombudsman has transferred to his counterparts the current living conditions of Spanish drivers, with lacking accessible toilets for those who are still trapped in the road of Access to the Eurotunnel, who as well have limited or unexisting access to warm meal or drinks.

In his writing, the Ombudsman points out, “Given the great number of trucks, the problema will not be solved in some days from now”, although it seems that travels coming from the United Kingdom will restart today.

Due to this reason, Fernández Marugán has asked his counterparts for help, in order to try to improve the hygiene conditions the drivers are currently in, as well as to fasten the testings so that these persons may reunite with their families in these important days.


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