Ombudsman takes over the church abuse enquiry

Ombudsman takes over the church abuse enquiry


The Ombudsman, as High Commissioner of the Parliament, assumes the mandate approved yesterday, 10 March 2022, in the Congress of Deputies with the task of setting up an independent commission to draw up a report on allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the role of the public authorities.

The commission will produce a report with recommendations and conclusions. The report will be submitted to the Spanish Parliament and to the Spanish Government in order for them to take the measures they deem necessary in all areas.

It is the will of this institution to work with due transparency and with the discretion required by respect for the victims. In this regard, the Joint Committee on Relations with the Ombudsman of the Spanish Parliament will be informed periodically on the status of the work.

With this action, the Ombudsman fulfils his constitutional obligation to defend fundamental and human rights, and more specifically the rights of children and adolescents. By knowing about, preventing and ensuring the protection of its most vulnerable members from this type of behaviour, society as a whole is defended and contributes to a fairer society.

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