Spanish Ombudsman informs Minister of Foreign Affairs of the problems of La Línea workers affected by Brexit


The Defensor del Pueblo, Francisco Fernández de Marugán and the Andalusian Ombudsman, Jesús Maeztu, have met today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, to inform him of the problems of La Línea de la Concepción workers affected by Brexit.

Both have shown their concern for this group and have asked the Minister to help guarantee the rights of these citizens.

In addition, they explained him that the European Network of Ombudsman already organised a series of meetings in Brussels about the situation of citizens across Europe who could be affected by Brexit. During these meeting, participants dealt with the particular circumstances of the thousands of people who cross the Spanish border daily to work in Gibraltar.

Last November, Fernández Marugán and Maeztu met with the mayor of the La Línea, Juan Franco, with spokespersons of the different political groups and with the representatives of the local neighbourhood associations, workers and businessmen to learn their point of view about this matter and their needs.

Both Ombudsmen will continue to work before the authorities and relevant agencies to avoid the negative consequences of Brexit on the worker’s rights.


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