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The Ombudsman calls for a step up in the transfer of migrants to peninsular Spain


–  Experts at the institution have overseen operations at over twenty reception, detention and hosting facilities for foreign nationals on the Canary Islands – The main deficiencies identified include a lack of suitable facilities and an absence of swift and efficient identification protocols for referring vulnerable individuals – Having once again detected collective reading of […]

EASO/COE Age assessment video


The increasing number of children on the move within complex mixed migration flows has placed age determination procedures at the core of migration management. These children are often unaccompanied or separated from their primary caregivers. With limited access to birth registration in their countries of origin, they are rarely able to produce evidence of their […]

Letter to the Ombudsmen in United Kingdom and France


Fernández Marugán shows interest regarding trucks locked between the borders of the United Kingdom and France

International Migrants Day


The Ombudsman presents a document with the most relevant actions regarding migration on behalf of the institution in 2020

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