Facilities for disabled and illiterate persons to take the nationality examination


Ministry of Justice Order 1625/2016, of 30 September, on carrying out the procedures for granting Spanish nationality on the basis of residence contains two recommendations made by the Ombudsman’s Office that will facilitate access to nationality by persons with disabilities and who are illiterate or have learning difficulties.

According to the Order which was published in the Official State Gazette this week, persons with disabilities “will be eligible for reasonable support and adaptations” enabling them to take the nationality examinations in conditions of equality.

Furthermore, people who are illiterate or have learning difficulties will be able to ask for exemption from taking these tests, and the Ministry of Justice will take charge of analysing each individual case.

The Ombudsman’s Office greeted this reform which incorporates its recommendations for preventing people in these circumstances from being discriminated against in the examinations for access to nationality on the basis of residence, with satisfaction.

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