The Defensor del Pueblo concerned over the increase of deaths of minors in family gender-violence contexts

The Defensor del Pueblo concerned over the increase of deaths of minors in family gender-violence contexts


The Defensor del Pueblo reiterates the undertaking to supervise the actions of all the government authorities with powers in this respect, in order to fine-tune the instruments for detecting the risk women and their children are at, to reduce the possibilities of assault.

The 25 women who lost their lives in 2015 murdered by their partners or former partners, and the 8 minors who lost their lives at the hands of their parents, should stir us all and call us to review the measures taken to eradicate this scourge from our society.

Progress has been made in recent years that has enabled the number of gender-violence victims to decrease at the same time as rejection on the part of Spanish society towards violence of this kind is on the rise.

Official numbers prove that there is still a lot to do and that the instruments which different administrations have in place, that call for coordination to prevent gender-violence situations, as well as the tools for identifying and protecting the women victims of this violence and their offspring, must be reviewed constantly.

The Institution considers it urgent to review two issues that clearly converge in protecting the victims:

  1. Updating the protocols for police assessment of the risk (Spanish acronym VPR) and police assessment of the evolution of the risk (VPER) in gender-violence cases. The Secretariat of State for Security has been asked for information about the state of the work of the interministerial group which reviews the usefulness of these tools.
  2. Urgent development of the measures planned for recognising minors who are victims of gender violence included in Constitutional Law 8/2015, of 22 July, that modifies the system for protecting children and adolescents.

The competent bodies have been asked for information about the actions planned, after this regulation came into force yesterday.

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