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The Colombian Civil Air Patrol receives the 7th King of Spain Human Rights Award

His Majesty the King presented the 7th King of Spain Human Rights Award to representatives of the organisation Patrulla Aérea Civil colombiana (PAC) in the assembly hall of the University of Alcalá, in Alcalá de Henares.

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Recommendations and suggestions are on the increase

The Ombudsman presented the 2016 Annual Report to the President of the Lower House of the Spanish Parliament and the President of the Upper House.

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Recommendations for improving the defence of the rights of the victims of ETA Terrorism

The Ombudsman presented the case study “The rights of ETA victims. Their situation today” to the Joint Committee for Relations with the Ombudsman.

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Refugee hosting

Reception and hosting of 66 refugees from Greece. Sixty-five of them are of Syrian origin and one has Iraqi nationality.

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