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The Ombudsman travels to la palma to monitor the implementation status of the adopted measures and the work of the administrations


The Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, is travelling to the island of La Palma this Thursday to monitor the implementation status of the adopted measures and the work of the administrations, following the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on 19 September. Ángel Gabilondo plans to meet with associations supporting those affected and institutional representatives. During the […]

Spanish Ombudsman visits the border fence separating Melilla from Morocco


Ombudsman Ángel Gabilondo has travelled to the border fence between Melilla and Morocco, where almost 2,000 people attempted to enter Spain illegally last month. In this tragic incident, dozens of people died on Moroccan soil and over 300 were injured, including migrants and agents from both countries. Ombudsman Gabilondo also visited CETI, the temporary immigrant […]

The Spanish Ombudsman requests information from the government of Castilla y León on the resources available to fight forest fires


The Office of the Ombudsman has officially requested details from the Government of Castilla y León on the resources available in the region to prevent and fight fires. Specifically, the Ombudsman has requested a general description of the fire-fighting personnel, the action guidelines for their mobilisation, and a statement of the criteria justifying the current […]

Spanish ombudsman Ángel Gabilondo chairs the Commission’s first meeting to prepare a report on sexual abuses within Spain’s Catholic church


The Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, chaired this Tuesday the constituent meeting of the Advisory Commission to prepare a report on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and the role of public authorities, according to an order from the Spanish Parliament. The Advisory Commission, made up of 20 members, includes 17 external members with experience in victim […]

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