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The Ombudsman asks European and Mediterranean ombudsmen to call for urgent humanitarian action for the refugees


The Spanish Defensora del Pueblo, Soledad Becerril, has asked the European and Mediterranean Ombudsmen to jointly ask the European Commission for “urgent humanitarian assistance action” on the part of the EU for the refugees. The proposal was sent by letter to the Ombudsman of the EU, Emily O’Reilly; to the chairman of the European Network […]

Declaration by the institution on the migration crisis


The Spanish Ombudsman has published the following declaration: Spain should not remain silent in the face of the dramatic attempts by thousands of people to reach EU countries. The German Chancellor and the President of the French Republic have said that joint action, with sufficient assistance for the people who have fled, is urgently called […]

To avoid discrimination based on sexual orientation, Foreigner-national ID cards will not include the spouse’s name


As requested by the Office of the Ombudsman, Foreigner-national iD cards will not include the name of the regrouping spouse, to avoid discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Institution had received complaints from foreign nationals who were the spouses of Spanish citizens, who reported that they suffered discriminatory treatment because of the fact that their […]

The child protection law incorporates recommendations made by the office of the ombudsman


The Law modifying the system for protecting children and adolescents that came into force on 18 August incorporates recommendations made by the Office of the Ombudsman in defence of the rights of minors. It reinforces the protection of minors in gender-violence contexts by recognising them as victims, in line with what the Institution had requested. […]

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